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Who we are

The trade in fabrics has roots far back in time, it is one of the oldest forms of exchange of goods: Flanders from the Netherlands, wool from Kashmir, French and Florentine canvases, Como silks,  they were brought throughout Europe by the merchants of the time through long and adventurous journeys.

Markets and fairs have always been a place of fundamental importance for the trade and life of a city or town, they allow a considerable number of sellers and buyers to meet and are in fact part of local history.

With the same spirit today we bring to the markets and fairs of Emilia Romagna a wealth of passion and research that allows our customers to find a vast assortment of furnishing fabrics, table linens, linens, cushions and sheets.


In recent years, we have combined the sale of fabric with a tailor-made artisanal packaging service, our customers can order bedspreads, table covers, tablecloths, cushions, curtains, runners, with quality fabrics at certainly advantageous prices.


On the following pages you will find a gallery of fabrics and finished products, our daily markets and events such as fairs, extraordinary markets and miscellaneous.